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Locus Design

Locus Design is a multi-disciplinary design firm incorporating interior design and home renovation consulting in San Diego, CA.


We approach each project with consideration for the architecture and history of the space.  Spending time getting to know your vision for your home ensures the resulting design is an authentic representation of your lifestyle and personal taste.  We consider balance, light, scale, texture and color in our designs and strive for a timeless aesthetic.


The philosophy of our firm is based on a high level of client service and the understanding that careful planning, collaboration and attention to detail are essential to delivering a product that will continue to inspire and delight.

Vanessa Eldredge

My love of art, architecture and design manifested itself early in life, when I was studying Art History in NYC.  After earning my BA I moved to  Washington DC where I transformed a neglected Victorian rowhouse into a serene and beautiful sanctuary.  Transforming spaces has been my passion ever since. 


While my sensibilities lean more toward modernism, my education in art and architectural history afford me a wide range of styles from which to draw. I believe good design is timeless and a thoughtful approach to the space and landscape inform my work and design philosophy.


Every project is a collaborative venture addressing form and function, architecture and decor individually tailored for each client’s unique needs.


My experience with renovations has taught me to pursue value and manage proactively.  Mies van der Rohe said “God is in the details." The details are as integral to my projects as the sense of balance, harmony and uniqueness that our spaces emanate.

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